Who We Are


We started this business in 2002 when there was no one to repair broken devices,   when a consumer’s only solution was to replace their phone, we were one   of the first to offer a repair solution instead.

These days wireless company warranties are very limited and don’t provide   a resolution to every problem that occurs to your handset or device. Insurance   company’s charge high   premiums, ridiculous deductibles and leave you waiting for a refurbished device   without any of your contacts, pictures or other important information your   original device had. What are you suppose to do until you get this used device   and who is going to restore all that important data for you? We do!

At Wireless   Phone Doctors we fix it all! Wireless Phone Doctors is dedicated to providing   an affordable and reliable solution to our customers, when their electronic   devices are sick or damaged. With over 20 years of experience in electronic   repair services, by certified electronic engineers, our company strives to   provide you with the highest quality level of service from our high quality   parts to our excellent customer service. 


What We Do

At Wireless Phone Doctors we solve all your device needs, from cracked screens   and charging issues, to water and physical damage! We can fix it all on any   device and any carrier with while you wait service on most devices all done   in house. We repair your device in minimal time while always trying to conserve   your important data or restoring it. Not sure what is wrong with your device?   No problem, bring it in for a free diagnosis with no obligations. We specialize   in fixing iphones, iPads, iPods, and other tablets, If all else fails, we still   can help! We sell new and used I-phones, androids, basic phones, and even tablets!   Tired of your device? Is it outdated or you no longer need it? We Buy, Sell,   and Trade-up!! Even if your phone is damaged! Want to get into a new phone?   We offer several wireless carriers that have a no contract obligation!

  Electronic devices are relied on now more than ever and being without it     can be frustrating and replacing a device is far to expensive. Why search     any further at Wireless Phone Doctors we use high quality parts and stand     behind our work with a warranty on all our services. We have an onsite repair     facility that has been servicing customers for over 10 years. We come highly     recommended and highly referred due to our excellent customer care and outstanding     work! At Wireless Phone Doctors we care about our customers, community and     environment that’s another reason we practice GREEN! With the growing     environmental concern of overfilled landfills and an overwhelming amount     of electronic devices being disposed of that can lead to potential health     risks, we want to do our part! By repairing, recycling and reusing electronics     we minimize toxic waste in our landfills to prolong our future and for generations   to come.