"Meet Wireless Phone Doctors"

Who We Are

We started this business in 2002 when there was no one to repair broken devices, when a consumer’s only solution was to replace their phone, we were one of the first to offer a repair solution instead.

Wireless Phone Doctors originally started repairing pagers for our own paging customers, yes paging! Until mobile phones started becoming more affordable, then everyone had one! With these new mobile devices on the market the need for repair was evident. We started repairing antennas on the Motorola Startac in 1996 and then Motorola V60, who remembers that beautiful thing!

As phones started becoming smarter so did our technicians. Our experts are trained and educated on almost every model since that Motorola startac and have the experience to prove it!

These days wireless manufacture warranties are very limited and don’t provide a resolution to every problem that occurs to your device. Insurance company’s charge high premiums, ridiculous deductibles and leave you waiting for a refurbished device without any of your contacts, pictures or other important information your original device had. What are you supposed to do with your broken device? Who is going to restore all that important data for you? We do! Let us bring your phone back to life!

Our specialist can repair the most extensive phones from broken screens to motherboards! In fact we are the technicians, recommended and referred to by other technicians in the industry.

At Wireless Phone Doctors we fix it all! Wireless Phone Doctors is dedicated to providing an affordable and reliable solution to our customers, when their electronic devices are sick or damaged. With over 20 years of experience in electronic repair services, by certified electronic engineers, our company strives to provide you with the highest quality level of service from our high quality parts to our excellent customer service.